Direct Mail Marketing Pros and Cons – Are They Pro’s Or Cons?

Direct mailing, sometimes called direct mail, bulk Shot, bulk slip or postcard mailing, or direct mail targeted marketing message, is the direct delivery of marketing material to specific recipients of mail. In today’s competitive marketplace, direct mail is an essential component of most direct marketing campaigns and forms the key component in many of today’s most successful business endeavors. Many businesses large and small depend on direct mail marketing to increase their customer base, increase sales and expand market share. There are literally thousands of direct marketing products available in the direct mail market to choose from. The challenge, however, is finding a direct mailing product that is reliable, effective and most of all, profitable.

With direct mailing there are a number of factors that can impact the success rate and profitability of your campaign. The type of direct mailing product you choose, the distribution method you choose, and even the mailing company you choose can have a direct negative impact on your direct mailing results. For example, a company that you have worked with for years may not be the right direct mailing partner for your new marketing initiative. Direct mail companies offer a wide range of direct mailing product selections to meet the needs of any direct marketing campaign.

With direct mail products available from us mailing houses, customers can find exactly what they need to market their business or organization. We have a team of professional designers that work with you to develop a custom direct mailing product that is both effective and attractive. In addition, we provide many complimentary services including design, printing, proofing and mailing. Along with our direct mail products, we offer other direct marketing services to help small businesses grow and succeed

Small businesses often run into problems when trying to manage their own direct mailing campaigns. Direct mailing lists are typically purchased on a monthly basis, which makes it difficult to plan special promotional offers for just the holidays or other times of the year. Often, these lists contain hundreds or thousands of addresses that aren’t targeted in any way. Another challenge is keeping up with a large mailing list, as customers often change their information. Tracking return-on-investment (ROI) for these campaigns can be difficult.

We offer solutions to these problems and many others through our powerful email marketing service. Our experienced marketing experts use sophisticated software and unmatched pricing to increase ROI and lower spending. We have a team of marketers dedicated to helping our customers grow and maintain strong direct marketing business relationships. These marketers create marketing campaigns that are designed to build customer loyalty and drive repeat business. Our marketing professionals work closely with you to develop a marketing plan, develop the right pricing options, and monitor your campaigns to ensure successful and sustained results.

Direct Mail Marketing from us allows you to manage the process from start to finish. You can access full tracking tools and create reports on any of our advanced database formats. Our experienced marketers are there to answer your questions about pricing, direct mail pros and cons, and database optimization. They also offer insightful advice on how to increase traffic and improve response rates. With our insightful analysis, you can improve your direct marketing results and increase your bottom line. For more details on direct mailing visit