Four Major Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid When Remodeling Bathrooms

Bathroom remodeling is about tile work, plumbing, and electrical work highly skilled trades. It is highly specialized, dense, and very tight work, where each square foot counts. And finally there’s the time pressure. A bathroom remodel is a vital room, and a DIYer’s job is under tremendous time pressure to have the room remodeled, back in service as soon as possible, and done right. Let’s look at a few ways a bathroom remodeling project can go wrong.

Bad tiles. Any tile job has problems, but a bathroom remodeling or renovation is especially challenging. Tiles must be selected, installed, grouted, sealed and repaired just right. So hiring a professional bathroom remodeling company to oversee the project is a good way to ensure quality work and results.

Bad contractor choices. Just like with any other profession, it’s a buyer’s market when it comes to contractors. There are just as many pros working today as there are cons. Think of plumbing companies and tile stores. Which one would you rather deal with? If you had to pick a contractor for your bathroom remodeling projects, which ones would you rather deal with: The guy who knows exactly what he’s doing, who use the best materials, who has the latest technology, who keeps the job on budget, and who offers the best price?

Bad contractor choice of materials. A bathroom remodeling or renovation project doesn’t need to be cheap. In fact, a professional contractor will have several options to choose from when planning out his project. Some contractors will use natural stone tiles for bathrooms (asphalt pavers would be too expensive). Others will use porcelain or high-end glass mosaic tiles, per square foot, per toilet, pee shower, or per tile.

Bad fixtures. It can happen to anyone. Poorly-made fixtures often lead to leaky pipes, clogged drains, stained floors, and unsightly water lines. If you’re faced with this issue when your bathroom remodeling project is nearing completion, don’t panic. All it takes is some close inspections to find out the problem, install the right fixtures, and then replace whatever needs replacing.

Bad plumbing. Some homeowners try to go it alone when tackling a bathroom remodel. They think that all they have to do is replace the sink, shower, bathtub, toilets, and other bathroom fixtures. While this certainly is a cheaper option than having a new bathroom built, it also means you’ll have to learn plumbing on your own. For some, this isn’t an option at all, since they may not have the required expertise for the job.