How Bathroom Remodeling Can Improve Your Home

With a recession hitting the economy like the plague, many people are finding that their finances are being stretched too thin and they are having to do some serious soul searching on where they cut corners. There are many types of home remodeling projects, including bathroom remodeling that will fit any budget. With so much competition, homeowners are finding that they can save money on their major projects if they plan ahead and research their local prices. This way they will be able to avoid some of the higher costs associated with some major projects.

In terms of bathroom remodeling, nationally, the average price for such a job is approximately $14,000. Bathroom fixtures can range widely, from basic makeovers to lavish master bathroom revamp fixtures. A basic makeover might entail replacing the existing flooring, cabinets and toilets, while more extensive renovations include reworking sinks and faucets, as well as painting the bathroom. The type of fixtures that are chosen will depend upon the owners personal taste as well as the overall appearance of the bathroom.

One of the major considerations in selecting any type of bathroom remodeling project is the current condition of the plumbing lines. Most homeowners want to avoid the costly expense of hiring a plumber to redesign the bathroom, because this option typically involves spending money that is not available to homeowners. In many cases, homeowners must replace plumbing pipes themselves, and this can become a major hassle and often results in more damage than good. In some instances, a plumber will be able to design the plumbing lines so that the problems are hidden by new tiling or flooring. However, in most cases, it is more cost efficient to do the bathroom remodeling project by replacing the existing plumbing lines with new ones. Annapolis Bath Remodel can help you with your plumbing lines.

When considering the plumbing system of the bathroom, it is important to know which types of fixtures can be installed freely and easily, and which must be secured with pipes. In most cases, there are two main types of bathroom fixtures – the fixtures that must be secured and the fixtures that can be turned loose. There are times when a homeowner wants to have both types of fixtures installed, but it is usually easier to replace the plumbing pipes with new ones. Toilet fixtures that must be fixed to the walls are usually screwed to the wall, and there are brackets located on both ends of the drain pipe that the toilet attaches to. The bracket makes it possible for the toilet to sit firmly in place, and there are usually rubber O-ring pads that protect the plumbing.

In terms of cabinets, newer cabinets are designed to match the style of the cabinets that already exist in the bathroom. Bathroom cabinets are designed to fit snugly in corners, and they are constructed of clear, laminate, or wood veneers. In most cases, a new installation will require the removal of existing bathroom cabinets, and the replacement of new ones that match the design ideas of the remodel. The new cabinets should be made of stainless steel, durable hardwoods, and have glass fronts so that the homeowner can display beautiful photographs or other art objects without harming the natural surfaces of the bathroom.

New fixtures for the toilet, sink, and vanity can be found at any plumbing supply center, and the homeowner should research the different brands and styles before making a purchase. In many cases, an experienced plumber can customize any plumbing system, and there are experienced plumbers in the area that are specialists in bathroom remodeling. Some of the plumbing supplies necessary include replacement pipes, new fittings, traps, faucets, water filters, and more. If the entire plumbing system is not replaced, the homeowner may run into unexpected expenses that can add up quickly.