How to Make a Bathroom Remodel Cheap

What exactly is a bath remodel? A bath remodel typically includes a new tub with a new shower fixture attached. This enables you to take a bath in the same room as where you have your bathroom furniture set up. There are generally five tub/shower settings:

Bath Remodel


Wall-mounted options include either ceramic tile surrounding walls, a standard bathtub, or even a freestanding glass enclosed one-piece bathtub. Many bath remodelers prefer walls to be insulated and there are options available for insulation both inside and outside the walls. One advantage to using ceramic tile surrounding walls is that they can be painted in a variety of tints and finishes in order to coordinate with existing colors in your bathroom. Using different colored ceramic tiles will also help blend the different styles of tiles used throughout your bathroom.


Wall-mounted options include a standard bathtub, a corner tub, or even a freestanding glass enclosed one-piece tub. Wall-mounted surrounds are usually made of solid wood. While these bathtubs do not offer many options for design, they do offer a variety of options for installation. The most common option is to use a “bathtub ring” on the wall as a guide for installing the surround. There are also options available for wall-mounted surrounds that utilize a special mounting bracket that has “pegs” into the mounting bracket for a secure and firm grip.


One option that may appeal to many individuals is the idea of creating a custom surround in-house. For this option, you will likely need the assistance of a professional plumber or some other experienced in home improvement. The goal of custom surrounds is to create a unique, one-of-a-kind look that enhances the existing tub. This option also provides a great deal of flexibility since it is possible to make adjustments to the design according to individual requirements. A unique take on a bathtub may be achieved by replacing the existing tub with a whirlpool bathtub, creating an inviting environment for relaxing in a new tub.


Another option for making a simple bathroom remodel inexpensive is to implement a new toilet and sink. Installing a new toilet and sink can eliminate the need for a new bathtub. Installing a new toilet and sink can also provide a significant cost savings when compared to buying a new tub. Installing a new toilet and sink is done by simply selecting the brand and style that appeals to you, determining the appropriate plumbing skills needed, and purchasing new hardware. There are also many different brands and styles of toilets available, so it may be necessary to do some comparison shopping to select the right one. Check out to learn about quality styles of your new bathroom.


The installation of a whirlpool bathtub and shower combination using acrylic or fiberglass is also a relatively simple project that most do-it-yourselfers can accomplish successfully. A well-designed whirlpool bathtub and shower combination using acrylic or fiberglass offer both style and comfort, while providing the optimal level of water-resistance for most bathroom applications. For a truly unique bath remodel, consider incorporating a whirlpool bathtub into a new bathroom design using either acrylic or fiberglass.